The Meaning of Life.

Welcome to my site, its actually funny to think that I have been doing designs since 2010 and never had a website for my art, I have always just posted it on whichever social media came across my mind on that day.


But seeing that things have changed and I want people to be able to see my artwork much easier then having to go all over the place I have decided to make this the place to be at.


If its your first time coming across my work, I welcome you my name is Simeon Ferreira, you will see everything I design and post have a personal meaning to it, I will be running a series based on my old and new work I have done over the past years, why I would say to stay tune to my work is not because of the art and the words but more of embracing a different reality I see a world that most never do we fall constantly into habits we cant shake and depression we cant escape. Slick Art is that escape for me.


So please stay tuned for some serious thoughts and perspective of life.

The Meaning of Life

Published by simeonferreira

Freelancer x Self Taught

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