Under the Clear Skies

I took to the skies, running from a life I was placed in to be and yet I chose to run to the skies as I felt never alive when I was around the plain blue skies, I wanted to see and feel what was behind these skies…was it my dreams or just another reality waiting for me to be surrounded with.


I sometimes wonder what it feels like to be free, as we all are born free or so they say, but most of the times our thoughts and mind shackle us to the earth we live on and all we truly wanna do is just to escape and live a life of happiness and love.


Maybe that life is just a dream or maybe that’s just some lie we tell ourselves to be able to fall asleep at nights, but I will rather chase a dream then to accept reality…

Freedom Lurks

Published by simeonferreira

Freelancer x Self Taught

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