I Surrender

a Huge TBT for me when this song of A Day To Remember was released in 2014, I was so hooked on it that I even made a design of it back then in the hopes of getting the artist to just even like it, it never happened  lol but it doesn’t stop you from trying.

We all feel like that sometimes just wanting to Surrender and give up on life, each person interprets this track different for me back in the day it was to forget of the people who where close to me a a time and all of sudden just faded away and so my mission started to go to places on my own meet new people, and it was thing ever.

Never limit yourself as that would be your biggest mistake, were only young once and as we get older and the days get colder we need to strive to get the best out of life as much as possible.

So go out there and if your not happy where you are now, just leave it and start over.


I Surrender

Published by simeonferreira

Freelancer x Self Taught

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