I feel like there is a lot of hate going around the world at the moment.

Truly so much hate, call it what you want discrimination, racism, religion, xenophobia, homophobia or greed it all comes down to one thing “hate”, its a word that gets break down into so many different small roots, I see hate as a tree with branches and from there each different names gets attach to it, the world we live in you either love it or you hate it.

Its not easy to live a life as we all hate and we all love and who ever says they don’t probably talks a lot of shit and is really naive. I believe that if each person would mind their own business and let each person be no matter what the world wouldn’t have that many problems, it all starts with one person speaking his mind and others jumping on board, if you would let those words just be words I bet you now there wouldn’t be so much hate in this world.

I feel we all wanna have a happy life, its not easy as there is always problems in the world and its always easy to blame others, as if its not me then it should be them? Right? Well your wrong, life shouldn’t be a game of pointing fingers but more a lesson of showing another in how you are willing to help each other out, let each be who he wants to be and mind your own business.


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Freelancer x Self Taught

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