Updated Designs

Morning everyone hope your having a good time if not crack on the tea.

I have been busy these past 2 days updating my design page and you will see on it I have added about 250+ more designs ranging from 2013 to present, its all on random so you will see every time you go on there will be a new design on top.

The funny thing is I’m not even half way yet with uploading all my designs from 2013 lol so much designs to crop and edit for my site. I will make a post of each of those designs kinda like a throwback each day for those new to my blog in that way you can see the story behind it as some of them are really dark and some very positive it all depended on my life back in that time.

So yea if you like what I do feel free to share my blog, as that will truly mean a lot to me.

Peace to everyone.


Published by simeonferreira

Freelancer x Self Taught

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