Pin Downed Reality


I worked on this piece today, mixing reality with fiction by combining illustration with photoshop I rocked up a design.

Its based on the reality where we are mapping out our lives on a map of feelings and chasing our dreams no matter what. You will see I talk a lot of dreams and fighting for them as those are the things sometimes keeping us going while the life around us is rotting away.

I struggle a lot with the concept of how one become a famous artist, does one have to hang out a galleries and with other artist to get that fame or just stick on your own and do as you please, as I see everything nowadays is run as a business not really much else.

I always laugh, if you have ever met me in person you will see I dont ever talk about art or any of that most people dont even know I design as I feel its a personal passion of mine, I rather prefer going out and hanging out with friends and having a laugh then going on about work and all that.

Life is way to short to waste on false dreams.


Published by simeonferreira

Freelancer x Self Taught

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