Looking On…

Its 2019 and I hope you all have a great start to the year and that your life’s will be filled with prosperity and happiness.

Yet I am happy its a new year it still worries me when I look at this country of mine, I believe the country is yours if you were born in it, your blood has been spilled the day you where born so a part of it is yours. It bothers me to see that this is a 3rd World Country yet we act like a 1st World Country. The prices of things have gotten so expensive as we are trying to act like this modernised country yet we should be focusing on the country’s problems at hand so much corruption going on that people started not carrying anymore as its just another day in South Africa, like the saying goes ” This is Africa” and I believe this saying is bullshit you can’t blame everything on the country as its the people in it causing the issues. Stop with your bullshit and lies and start helping the people of the nation. If you keep your promises to the people they will follow you if you lie you will end up with empty promises and angry people.

So for 2019 lets make it a better year for the people and not just for yourself, it doesn’t kill for a bit of kindness.

Have a good one and have a great week everyone.






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Freelancer x Self Taught

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