Taste Me

Sometimes I laugh at how empty and alone the world can be sometimes, a lot of people believe for one to find true love in life one must first love one self. I never truly understand that, as if that is the case then why do we need partners then in life? So many peopleContinue reading “Taste Me”

Pugnificiant // WTF Edition

We all got a love for animals, and especially nowadays everyone has one for pugs, this my design and outlook on a pug design for a shirt I want to get done. If you would had to choose one which one would you prefer to wear? Feel free to drop your opinion, would much appreciateContinue reading “Pugnificiant // WTF Edition”

Late Nights

“Late nights always complicates… We sit and wonder, we drive by under, living but losing at the same time, catching the stars while they fall, still to claim we aimed for them after all they fell from the sky…loose laces only to tie up the nooses we find hanging on the outside of all ourContinue reading “Late Nights”

Pin Downed Reality

  I worked on this piece today, mixing reality with fiction by combining illustration with photoshop I rocked up a design. Its based on the reality where we are mapping out our lives on a map of feelings and chasing our dreams no matter what. You will see I talk a lot of dreams andContinue reading “Pin Downed Reality”

Strip my Mind

Its 10 am and I’m waking up to Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background softly (please don’t strip my mind…) Its weird in a sense to think how many times we feel like our minds are turning against us, questioning our future and all our choices we made, we never truly sure ifContinue reading “Strip my Mind”


I feel like there is a lot of hate going around the world at the moment. Truly so much hate, call it what you want discrimination, racism, religion, xenophobia, homophobia or greed it all comes down to one thing “hate”, its a word that gets break down into so many different small roots, I seeContinue reading “Peace”

Updated Designs

Morning everyone hope your having a good time if not crack on the tea. I have been busy these past 2 days updating my design page and you will see on it I have added about 250+ more designs ranging from 2013 to present, its all on random so you will see every time youContinue reading “Updated Designs”

I Surrender

a Huge TBT for me when this song of A Day To Remember was released in 2014, I was so hooked on it that I even made a design of it back then in the hopes of getting the artist to just even like it, it never happenedĀ  lol but it doesn’t stop you fromContinue reading “I Surrender”

Under the Clear Skies

I took to the skies, running from a life I was placed in to be and yet I chose to run to the skies as I felt never alive when I was around the plain blue skies, I wanted to see and feel what was behind these skies…was it my dreams or just another realityContinue reading “Under the Clear Skies”

The Meaning of Life.

Welcome to my site, its actually funny to think that I have been doing designs since 2010 and never had a website for my art, I have always just posted it on whichever social media came across my mind on that day.   But seeing that things have changed and I want people to beContinue reading “The Meaning of Life.”