Ek kan nie wag nie.

Jis voel so lank terug laas wanneer ek iets gepost het haha skoon snaaks om te sien ek het laas jaar laas iets gepost hier op. Tyd vlieg en veral met covid19 is dinge maar heeltemal anders maar to het als goed gegaan vir my en Rochelle so prys die Here daarvoor. Hierdie nuwe designContinue reading “Ek kan nie wag nie.”

Tropical Lost

Tropical Lost Live your life as you choose. Don’t let the world decide it for you. I know life is hard and sometimes it feels like it’s only getting harder and harder each day. But be sure to believe everything will work out sooner or later no matter what. Have an awesome week and believeContinue reading “Tropical Lost”

Conquer the world of Art

My main goal in life is to achieve that status where my art is all over the world and growing, at the moment I have had the opportunity to create for a lot of people around the world and looking forward in creating more and more. πŸ™‚   Have a good week and if youContinue reading “Conquer the world of Art”

Updated Email

Hi everyone, Hope you’re all having a rad week, just a quick update I know I have had some issues with mails so I decided to change my email and the contact form email to ifeelslickxvii@gmail.com for any request feel free to contact me.   Please enjoy this illustration below, one of my latest. πŸ™‚

Domain Disconnected

Hi everyone,   Hope your all doing well, apologies my site has been off for a day or so just forgot to renew it haha busy life or so we say πŸ˜‰ Welcome to everyone new and old I have been doing a lot of different things lately I have started investing in sticker designsContinue reading “Domain Disconnected”

Looking On…

Its 2019 and I hope you all have a great start to the year and that your life’s will be filled with prosperity and happiness. Yet I am happy its a new year it still worries me when I look at this country of mine, I believe the country is yours if you were bornContinue reading “Looking On…”

Music till the End.

I feel that music fascinates the mind and time so much. We get lost in an endless playlist that learns us something new each day about ourselves, music makes lifeΒ  a fine place to live in.   Have a wonderful weekend everyone.