Fruity Fruit Collection

Something new I have been busy with of lately, as you already now by now I run an online store at where I bring out each month limited edition items.


Below you can see examples of our latest pieces. 🙂



I,ve been quite for a while now, been busy with a new project of mine called “I FEEL SLICK” you can check it out at feel free to let me know what your thoughts are on it, its a monthly release of limited edition items made by myself. 🙂


Destination Tasty


Destination Tasty //

Pushing the boundaries of what people call reality into clarity, to succeed will never be easy, don’t follow the norms follow your heart. Appreciate every thought and every mind and remember true beauty is not just in the looks but also in the heart. I will never run away I will stand and fight for what I believe in.


You can buy this print here:



The Heart of a Lion

I think the lion that used to be asleep in my heart is starting to wake, the anger that goes through my mind nowadays are making me real tired. I just feel like falling asleep and not waking up anymore seeing that it felt like a part of my soul was broken by you…BUT maybe its just work, who knows…