The Escape

I believe music has always been escape since childhood, when you were having a great day or a bad day music would always make your day better. Music has a way that touches the soul.




Fierce in the face of danger ❤

It comes back to the story where we as Koi fish go through life and struggles we each swimming our way up stream, some may fail on the way while others keep pushing to the top and once you reach it life will reward you as it rewarded the koi fish by turning it into a fierce dragon to roam the skies for eternity with jewels.


Arcade Games


As the night came to an end, we took our last sips realizing that tomorrow is going to be a new day.

The hardest struggle for anyone is to move on or to accept that tomorrow will be a better day then today. In fact there is nothing we can do about the past, but we can believe that tomorrow might be a better one that today.

Sometimes you just need a little faith even when you don’t have any left…

I Saw it All

People tend to say you should have known it was gonna end sooner or later, and then I would laugh as I used to say to them I have had this dream before.

Its not knowing that its gonna end as all things in life come to an end sooner or later, its about having that faith and fighting for what you believe in or love even. We live in a world where its easy to let go once it gets tough and once it does you blame it on your past or even on your parents failed marriages and relationships…just because you come out of a fucked up home doesn’t give you an excuse to blame the world for your problems we as human beings write down our own stories the world might shape it but in the end it was all along a choice made.

Mind Blowing

Each day we amaze ourselves with the possibilities we get to achieve, thinking we can never do it yet we just achieved it.

“Follow your dreams” is a statement we hear a lot yet not always fond of following, we all start of following a dream and once it just gets a bit hard we stop and give up. Its hard believe me I know and I’m still chasing after mine and its been 5 years, I believe we all have our day of fame to come we just need to keep believing and keep chasing it no matter what.

So go out there and do it, I hope you all have a rad and amazing week.


Artwork available at Society6

Hey everyone,

Hope your all doing very well, just wanted to give you a small update that you will be able to purchase my artwork on canvases and print outs from now on, at Society 6 or through the top tab “Shop” if there is a item you want that is not on there please let me know and I will make a plan to get it on there asap. 🙂


Updated Designs

Morning everyone hope your having a good time if not crack on the tea.

I have been busy these past 2 days updating my design page and you will see on it I have added about 250+ more designs ranging from 2013 to present, its all on random so you will see every time you go on there will be a new design on top.

The funny thing is I’m not even half way yet with uploading all my designs from 2013 lol so much designs to crop and edit for my site. I will make a post of each of those designs kinda like a throwback each day for those new to my blog in that way you can see the story behind it as some of them are really dark and some very positive it all depended on my life back in that time.

So yea if you like what I do feel free to share my blog, as that will truly mean a lot to me.

Peace to everyone.