I’m changing the way people see the world and art, not by what they tell me to show but what I want them to see.




Francois van Coke

Ons almal begin iewers…ek kyk soms na die mense as rol modelle of meer as my heros. Daar was n tyd waar ek dink elke persoon op 16 was waar fokofpolisiekar jou lewe was en soms vandag nog, daar is seker nie een song wat ek nie meer kan saam stem of voel op die hart nie.

Maar soos alles word ons seker groot van Brand Suid Afrika na Toe Vind Ek Jou.


In Depth-Reality

Listening to the sun as it shines by on my skin while the wind crawls up my skin to say hi….

Life has a lot more to offer than what we might think it does, Im not one to always be positive as life has taught me a lot of lessons and learned the hard way of taking things and people for granted. But what I have learned from it all is that being depressed about it all the time wont fix anything. Sometimes you just gotta put on that smile and make life sunny again. 😉