Gorilla Enraged

We as individuals need to start realize that we are each unique and to keep following what others do wont make our own dreams come alive but rather others.

So start following your heart or even gut as you and you alone can make a change.




Seeing that the whole hype around Pokemon Go is so BIG I cant help but laugh, as a kid I remember how we used to go out and collect all these cards and tazos of it and just to end up hearing the teacher saying its from the devil and all haha

It is good to see a brand like that go major like that now especially getting everyone active again, I do see going into some dodgy areas might get you killed but if you wanna be a Poke Master you gotta risk it to get the biscuit. 😉

My version of a Pikachu I call it Pikabru aka The South African Version.

Character Name: PikaBru

Ability: Shoots lightning that changes your pants into shorts.

Favorite Words: “Broeke Op”