Stout Edisie

Sometimes I just believe the best cure in life is just to smile all the emptiness away.


Arcade Games


As the night came to an end, we took our last sips realizing that tomorrow is going to be a new day.

The hardest struggle for anyone is to move on or to accept that tomorrow will be a better day then today. In fact there is nothing we can do about the past, but we can believe that tomorrow might be a better one that today.

Sometimes you just need a little faith even when you don’t have any left…

So Odly Sick

Setting a twist in how we see and spell things, I was awake last night yet not being able to sleep of so much things going on in my mind, while listening to the Dune Rats I realized how we shouldn’t care what the world think of us and we should be able to take risks, no matter the out come if it fails try again if it fails by the tenth time then you should go drinking, but I’m just kidding but remember follow your passion regardless of what people think and follow your heart.

Thinking of brinGing out this new series called “So Odly Sick” I know Odly should be Oddly but I’m playing around with changing the way people see things, and if you dig it please let me know. 🙂