Failure is not an option, its a thought.

The thing is I learned a long time ago is that our enemies arenโ€™t necessarily the people out there but ourselves can sometimes be our worst enemy, its the voices that speak doubt that keeps us from doing what we long to do, so yea hopefully some of these words stick with you guys/gals, have a good night๐Ÿค™

But yea down below is a couple of pieces I have worked on this past month. ๐Ÿ™‚


Arcade Games


As the night came to an end, we took our last sips realizing that tomorrow is going to be a new day.

The hardest struggle for anyone is to move on or to accept that tomorrow will be a better day then today. In fact there is nothing we can do about the past, but we can believe that tomorrow might be a better one that today.

Sometimes you just need a little faith even when you don’t have any left…

Monthly T-Shirts

I’m considering running a monthly pre-orders on designs made on shirts, limiting it to 25 shirts per month in a custom size picked by you.

The idea will be to run pre-orders for one month and then at end of month to send out all orders and if there isn’t enough pre-orders to refund you guys on that order. I will be R250 but this include delivery as well anywhere in South Africa. Im keeping it in South Africa for now to see how it goes, if your overseas and looking to get your hands on it as well I can always make a plan the amount will just be more due to shipping and all.

What do you think will you guys be interested in something like that, especially with it being a limited edition shirt per month in your size.

*Note – The designs on here is just for showcasing, there not set. Just using them as samples for the idea.


So Odly Sick

Setting a twist in how we see and spell things, I was awake last night yet not being able to sleep of so much things going on in my mind, while listening to the Dune Rats I realized how we shouldn’t care what the world think of us and we should be able to take risks, no matter the out come if it fails try again if it fails by the tenth time then you should go drinking, but I’m just kidding but remember follow your passion regardless of what people think and follow your heart.

Thinking of brinGing out this new series called “So Odly Sick” I know Odly should be Oddly but I’m playing around with changing the way people see things, and if you dig it please let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚


VANS x Custom

Looking back to this custom ideas I had for Vans, combining flowers into patterns to make the brand stand out, its always good to have concept ideas of brands even if you don’t design for them shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t try at least.

I must say my favorite one was making the decks, I have love creating art on skateboards and hope one day to see my art on a lot of brands.

But yea don’t get me wrong if you got connections to vans and you can show them this I would much appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you guys think of it? Would you wear it?


Pugnificiant // WTF Edition

We all got a love for animals, and especially nowadays everyone has one for pugs, this my design and outlook on a pug design for a shirt I want to get done.

If you would had to choose one which one would you prefer to wear?

Feel free to drop your opinion, would much appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚WTF-FULL

Pin Downed Reality


I worked on this piece today, mixing reality with fiction by combining illustration with photoshop I rocked up a design.

Its based on the reality where we are mapping out our lives on a map of feelings and chasing our dreams no matter what. You will see I talk a lot of dreams and fighting for them as those are the things sometimes keeping us going while the life around us is rotting away.

I struggle a lot with the concept of how one become a famous artist, does one have to hang out a galleries and with other artist to get that fame or just stick on your own and do as you please, as I see everything nowadays is run as a business not really much else.

I always laugh, if you have ever met me in person you will see I dont ever talk about art or any of that most people dont even know I design as I feel its a personal passion of mine, I rather prefer going out and hanging out with friends and having a laugh then going on about work and all that.

Life is way to short to waste on false dreams.