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Hope your having a rad time and its almost weekend, if your looking to get some custom designs done for yourself or your brand let me know as I am able to do some freelance work this coming months. 🙂


I specialize in any form of design from illustrations to DTP for magazine and catalogs.




Destination Tasty


Destination Tasty //

Pushing the boundaries of what people call reality into clarity, to succeed will never be easy, don’t follow the norms follow your heart. Appreciate every thought and every mind and remember true beauty is not just in the looks but also in the heart. I will never run away I will stand and fight for what I believe in.


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OppiKoppi Nagte

My vinger tippe is seer van al die stof en geraas van die laat aande se gedans in die stof paaie van mordor, ek gevoel gebreek en oor spoel met gesigte van die nuwelinge wat ek daar ontmoet het. Ek is nie seker of lewe altyd sin maak nie en nog minder of die bier gaan help nie. Ek lag saam met n klomp verlore siele maar tog intak met hul inner self se gebeure.

Met volle bors skreeu ons na die verlede waarna ons toe onstnap om te kan verbeter, elke oomblik, elke dag, elke gevoel, elke lag, ons is maar net mens. Ek het nie woorde of gedagtes om te kan deel nie, ek het nie altyd geluk in my verlede nie maar al wat ek het weet ek het gelewe.



Imagination is the young souls who decided not to give up on their passion regardless what the world says…

If you don’t like it fuck off. Nothing is for free and if you cant value art then your just a blind fool. Each second,minute,hour spend on art is a part of the artist being put in retrospect so you the viewer can see and feel the emotion that goes into this piece.

No matter what the art form is, if its music,drawing whatever you call passion never let people make you feel that its not worth it.




Seeing that the whole hype around Pokemon Go is so BIG I cant help but laugh, as a kid I remember how we used to go out and collect all these cards and tazos of it and just to end up hearing the teacher saying its from the devil and all haha

It is good to see a brand like that go major like that now especially getting everyone active again, I do see going into some dodgy areas might get you killed but if you wanna be a Poke Master you gotta risk it to get the biscuit. 😉

My version of a Pikachu I call it Pikabru aka The South African Version.

Character Name: PikaBru

Ability: Shoots lightning that changes your pants into shorts.

Favorite Words: “Broeke Op”


Taste Me

Sometimes I laugh at how empty and alone the world can be sometimes, a lot of people believe for one to find true love in life one must first love one self.

I never truly understand that, as if that is the case then why do we need partners then in life? So many people say before you can get someone to love you, you must love yourself. I think of it as a huge lie, I believe loving one another is the biggest love of all, sometimes you as an individual don’t know what love is and then you meet that someone special that brings out all that good and greatness out of you, and in that way you learn to not just love them but to love yourself, I’m not a man of emotion I wasn’t taught to show emotion and all that as that is how most of my generation was raised, but I’m a passionate person if I love you I will fight for you even if you keep kicking me to the curb, but there will come a day where I will let you go for I have given it my all.

You can only do that much until one is drained but just remember that your life should always be filled with life and not with depression or feeling unwanted. Know your worth as I can tell you this we all are fucking special.


Pin Downed Reality


I worked on this piece today, mixing reality with fiction by combining illustration with photoshop I rocked up a design.

Its based on the reality where we are mapping out our lives on a map of feelings and chasing our dreams no matter what. You will see I talk a lot of dreams and fighting for them as those are the things sometimes keeping us going while the life around us is rotting away.

I struggle a lot with the concept of how one become a famous artist, does one have to hang out a galleries and with other artist to get that fame or just stick on your own and do as you please, as I see everything nowadays is run as a business not really much else.

I always laugh, if you have ever met me in person you will see I dont ever talk about art or any of that most people dont even know I design as I feel its a personal passion of mine, I rather prefer going out and hanging out with friends and having a laugh then going on about work and all that.

Life is way to short to waste on false dreams.


Updated Designs

Morning everyone hope your having a good time if not crack on the tea.

I have been busy these past 2 days updating my design page and you will see on it I have added about 250+ more designs ranging from 2013 to present, its all on random so you will see every time you go on there will be a new design on top.

The funny thing is I’m not even half way yet with uploading all my designs from 2013 lol so much designs to crop and edit for my site. I will make a post of each of those designs kinda like a throwback each day for those new to my blog in that way you can see the story behind it as some of them are really dark and some very positive it all depended on my life back in that time.

So yea if you like what I do feel free to share my blog, as that will truly mean a lot to me.

Peace to everyone.


I Surrender

a Huge TBT for me when this song of A Day To Remember was released in 2014, I was so hooked on it that I even made a design of it back then in the hopes of getting the artist to just even like it, it never happened  lol but it doesn’t stop you from trying.

We all feel like that sometimes just wanting to Surrender and give up on life, each person interprets this track different for me back in the day it was to forget of the people who where close to me a a time and all of sudden just faded away and so my mission started to go to places on my own meet new people, and it was thing ever.

Never limit yourself as that would be your biggest mistake, were only young once and as we get older and the days get colder we need to strive to get the best out of life as much as possible.

So go out there and if your not happy where you are now, just leave it and start over.


I Surrender