Dead Beat Society

When Barbie isn’t the symbol of perfection, but you yourself is, we are all different in our own way you don’t have to be on Miss Universe to be described as something special or beautiful, believe in yourself even though others don’t.


Cookies? Yes Please!



Between the Lines

The lines don’t define what we see but what is hidden between them, always read between the lines.



Certain Thing

The only thing certain in life is death. a Lot of people make the mistake of following so much social norm that they forget to live there life and they end up wasting it on bullshit.



Arcade Games


As the night came to an end, we took our last sips realizing that tomorrow is going to be a new day.

The hardest struggle for anyone is to move on or to accept that tomorrow will be a better day then today. In fact there is nothing we can do about the past, but we can believe that tomorrow might be a better one that today.

Sometimes you just need a little faith even when you don’t have any left…


Lost at Sea


Dont got much to say today, or actually got a lot to say but don’t got the words. Set sail to the sea so we may find our way home once again, we are tired we are free, we get lost at sea. We wonder when we will die and yet we wonder when will we live, we have a lot of questions yet so little time. So much time wasted on the past yet none invested in the future.


Mind Blowing

Each day we amaze ourselves with the possibilities we get to achieve, thinking we can never do it yet we just achieved it.

“Follow your dreams” is a statement we hear a lot yet not always fond of following, we all start of following a dream and once it just gets a bit hard we stop and give up. Its hard believe me I know and I’m still chasing after mine and its been 5 years, I believe we all have our day of fame to come we just need to keep believing and keep chasing it no matter what.

So go out there and do it, I hope you all have a rad and amazing week.



The Moon is Full

“There’s creatures in the skies there’s beauty in the minds, there’s hatred in there smiles, there’s loneliness in there cries.”




Seeing that the whole hype around Pokemon Go is so BIG I cant help but laugh, as a kid I remember how we used to go out and collect all these cards and tazos of it and just to end up hearing the teacher saying its from the devil and all haha

It is good to see a brand like that go major like that now especially getting everyone active again, I do see going into some dodgy areas might get you killed but if you wanna be a Poke Master you gotta risk it to get the biscuit. 😉

My version of a Pikachu I call it Pikabru aka The South African Version.

Character Name: PikaBru

Ability: Shoots lightning that changes your pants into shorts.

Favorite Words: “Broeke Op”