Gorilla Enraged

We as individuals need to start realize that we are each unique and to keep following what others do wont make our own dreams come alive but rather others.

So start following your heart or even gut as you and you alone can make a change.



Lost at Sea


Dont got much to say today, or actually got a lot to say but don’t got the words. Set sail to the sea so we may find our way home once again, we are tired we are free, we get lost at sea. We wonder when we will die and yet we wonder when will we live, we have a lot of questions yet so little time. So much time wasted on the past yet none invested in the future.

Distanced Memories


The more I feel the more I wanna heal, they say it will be okay, take it one day at a time so we all tend to say to others, yet do you believe that? As its feeling like its just getting worse each day.

Im not a firm believer in everlasting love even though I would love to have it, I have learned from past experiences love only last as long as people have interest in you….

The Bridge


The bridge between reality and imagination has no line and has no limit. A lot of us say we cant do this and we cant do that, but have you ever tried? There will be a lot of time where you will get angry at life and maybe even your faith as I have gone through that a lot of times and still do, its what makes us human.

We fall and we fail but so we stand and so we succeed as well again, I don’t write to impress nor to gather the masses I write for what I feel and what I can not express in words. My life I always consider rather laughing then worrying, worrying is for when I’m alone in my bed at nights.

Along this road of dreams and memories you will succumb to tears and laughter but be sure to enjoy every moment of it.

Peace out.