Floating Minds

Floating Minds // Maybe not lost with words but just lost in a world of dreams.



Destination Tasty


Destination Tasty //

Pushing the boundaries of what people call reality into clarity, to succeed will never be easy, don’t follow the norms follow your heart. Appreciate every thought and every mind and remember true beauty is not just in the looks but also in the heart. I will never run away I will stand and fight for what I believe in.


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Mindless Games


I feel like our hearts are that of mountains, each holder carrying something different to the world and some hearts are kept hidden to the world to see, its like a diamond in the rough but only difference is your soaring in the sky while there looking for you in the ground.

Distanced Memories


The more I feel the more I wanna heal, they say it will be okay, take it one day at a time so we all tend to say to others, yet do you believe that? As its feeling like its just getting worse each day.

Im not a firm believer in everlasting love even though I would love to have it, I have learned from past experiences love only last as long as people have interest in you….

Strip my Mind

Its 10 am and I’m waking up to Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background softly (please don’t strip my mind…)

Its weird in a sense to think how many times we feel like our minds are turning against us, questioning our future and all our choices we made, we never truly sure if what we do will make a difference in our life’s or just make it worst. I believe we all want something in life to come home to, if its not a family maybe a dog each is his own.

I just want to come home to sounds of music and the one girl I love but even that is so unreal at the moment as life is always stepping in and throwing down extra problems to make it all worst.

I don’t believe life is out there to get us, but I do believe it would be easier if we didnt have to worry all the time.