I’m changing the way people see the world and art, not by what they tell me to show but what I want them to see.




Francois van Coke

Ons almal begin iewers…ek kyk soms na die mense as rol modelle of meer as my heros. Daar was n tyd waar ek dink elke persoon op 16 was waar fokofpolisiekar jou lewe was en soms vandag nog, daar is seker nie een song wat ek nie meer kan saam stem of voel op die hart nie.

Maar soos alles word ons seker groot van Brand Suid Afrika na Toe Vind Ek Jou.


Grateful for Everything

2016 has had its ups and its downs, I feel like each year we as people come closer to our goals in life and each opportunity I get I am eternal grateful for. One of those grateful moments this year was when I got the opportunity to design a New Years poster for Arcade Empire.

I have done a lot of work this year for a lot of people and brands and to you all I say thanks from the bottom of my heart. To each and every fan of my work I wish you all a great Christmas this coming weekend and also a festive holiday if your at the beach or even on the couch enjoying a pack of chips. 😉

May all your wishes come true and if they don’t go out and make them true.




The Heart of a Lion

I think the lion that used to be asleep in my heart is starting to wake, the anger that goes through my mind nowadays are making me real tired. I just feel like falling asleep and not waking up anymore seeing that it felt like a part of my soul was broken by you…BUT maybe its just work, who knows…


Sunny Days


I think for the first time in a while I see a sunny sky, or maybe its been there all a long I was just to busy searching in the dark for my answers.

I felt a lot of anger through my life, and a lot of loss. I think the hate I have for loss is the thing that has been keeping me going or maybe the love I have for people even though I feel lost at times seeking answers to my unsolved prayers.