The Forgotten Past

Morning everyone, hope you all having a good week if not…make it one hell of a week!

Got a new piece for you guys/gals today it was suppose to be for a other project but they ended up going for something more flashy and suit like. So yea winner winner chicken dinner this one is going up, I based this one on “The Forgotten Past” as the world tend to tell only one side of the past and that what truly happen we dont actually hear as it might not work for there cause, its one of the main reason that I feel politics are full of shit as they play with peoples minds and trying to turn them against each other especially in South Africa I haven’t seen so much hate in a long time its as people are just getting worst everyday trying to blame one another for there problems but they forget it was the government that made all those empty promises.


They speak of peace yet with the other hand they wield death, they forget about the people and only focus on themselves, that is not leadership. You should forget about yourself and start focusing on the people this isn’t ancient Greek where you fight for honor as most of these don’t have a touch of honor, riding on other historic warriors/people for there benefits just to throw it all away on parties.


Get your shit together and start helping the people.



Mindless Games


I feel like our hearts are that of mountains, each holder carrying something different to the world and some hearts are kept hidden to the world to see, its like a diamond in the rough but only difference is your soaring in the sky while there looking for you in the ground.

Mind Blowing

Each day we amaze ourselves with the possibilities we get to achieve, thinking we can never do it yet we just achieved it.

“Follow your dreams” is a statement we hear a lot yet not always fond of following, we all start of following a dream and once it just gets a bit hard we stop and give up. Its hard believe me I know and I’m still chasing after mine and its been 5 years, I believe we all have our day of fame to come we just need to keep believing and keep chasing it no matter what.

So go out there and do it, I hope you all have a rad and amazing week.



Imagination is the young souls who decided not to give up on their passion regardless what the world says…

If you don’t like it fuck off. Nothing is for free and if you cant value art then your just a blind fool. Each second,minute,hour spend on art is a part of the artist being put in retrospect so you the viewer can see and feel the emotion that goes into this piece.

No matter what the art form is, if its music,drawing whatever you call passion never let people make you feel that its not worth it.




I feel like there is a lot of hate going around the world at the moment.

Truly so much hate, call it what you want discrimination, racism, religion, xenophobia, homophobia or greed it all comes down to one thing “hate”, its a word that gets break down into so many different small roots, I see hate as a tree with branches and from there each different names gets attach to it, the world we live in you either love it or you hate it.

Its not easy to live a life as we all hate and we all love and who ever says they don’t probably talks a lot of shit and is really naive. I believe that if each person would mind their own business and let each person be no matter what the world wouldn’t have that many problems, it all starts with one person speaking his mind and others jumping on board, if you would let those words just be words I bet you now there wouldn’t be so much hate in this world.

I feel we all wanna have a happy life, its not easy as there is always problems in the world and its always easy to blame others, as if its not me then it should be them? Right? Well your wrong, life shouldn’t be a game of pointing fingers but more a lesson of showing another in how you are willing to help each other out, let each be who he wants to be and mind your own business.