Flowers in the Dark

When we are alone and bored the mind tends to travel a world apart from where we are in the moment and now, people are confused and people are lost without the proper guidance, never lose sight and never give up as there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and if it happens there isnt then you go and bust a hole in that tunnel and make that light come in.Flowers-In-The-Night-Canvas


I Saw it All

People tend to say you should have known it was gonna end sooner or later, and then I would laugh as I used to say to them I have had this dream before.

Its not knowing that its gonna end as all things in life come to an end sooner or later, its about having that faith and fighting for what you believe in or love even. We live in a world where its easy to let go once it gets tough and once it does you blame it on your past or even on your parents failed marriages and relationships…just because you come out of a fucked up home doesn’t give you an excuse to blame the world for your problems we as human beings write down our own stories the world might shape it but in the end it was all along a choice made.

Late Nights

“Late nights always complicates… We sit and wonder, we drive by under, living but losing at the same time, catching the stars while they fall, still to claim we aimed for them after all they fell from the sky…loose laces only to tie up the nooses we find hanging on the outside of all our minds waiting on our hearts to be filled, while the hollow parts howl out into the moonlight sky…”


I Surrender

a Huge TBT for me when this song of A Day To Remember was released in 2014, I was so hooked on it that I even made a design of it back then in the hopes of getting the artist to just even like it, it never happenedĀ  lol but it doesn’t stop you from trying.

We all feel like that sometimes just wanting to Surrender and give up on life, each person interprets this track different for me back in the day it was to forget of the people who where close to me a a time and all of sudden just faded away and so my mission started to go to places on my own meet new people, and it was thing ever.

Never limit yourself as that would be your biggest mistake, were only young once and as we get older and the days get colder we need to strive to get the best out of life as much as possible.

So go out there and if your not happy where you are now, just leave it and start over.


I Surrender

Under the Clear Skies

I took to the skies, running from a life I was placed in to be and yet I chose to run to the skies as I felt never alive when I was around the plain blue skies, I wanted to see and feel what was behind these skies…was it my dreams or just another reality waiting for me to be surrounded with.


I sometimes wonder what it feels like to be free, as we all are born free or so they say, but most of the times our thoughts and mind shackle us to the earth we live on and all we truly wanna do is just to escape and live a life of happiness and love.


Maybe that life is just a dream or maybe that’s just some lie we tell ourselves to be able to fall asleep at nights, but I will rather chase a dream then to accept reality…

Freedom Lurks