In Depth-Reality

Listening to the sun as it shines by on my skin while the wind crawls up my skin to say hi….

Life has a lot more to offer than what we might think it does, Im not one to always be positive as life has taught me a lot of lessons and learned the hard way of taking things and people for granted. But what I have learned from it all is that being depressed about it all the time wont fix anything. Sometimes you just gotta put on that smile and make life sunny again. 😉



Distanced Memories


The more I feel the more I wanna heal, they say it will be okay, take it one day at a time so we all tend to say to others, yet do you believe that? As its feeling like its just getting worse each day.

Im not a firm believer in everlasting love even though I would love to have it, I have learned from past experiences love only last as long as people have interest in you….

Remember That

I felt like I knew what love was with you,
I was wrong, I was wrong about many things.
I counted days I counted nights wanting to see,
yet all you had to say at the end of the line what I did wrong,
never satisfied with what I did I always ended up crawling back thinking
I wasn’t gonna make it without you, but then I opened my eyes and realized,
how fucking rad I am and that I will make it seeing that life might be shit today,
but tomorrow is a new day, it will get better and I will get stronger. Never let people be little you, you are fucking sick and remember that! 😉


Personality Disorder

I think sometimes creativity takes up so much of our energy and time when it comes to facing the reality of life, sometimes we just wanna escape the reality and form our imaginations within our own reality.

The mind is a funny thing though as each person takes in reality different then the next person, I usually have a tendency to laugh about it all and it usually sets off a lot of people around me especially the ones close to me as I don’t take in any negativity as I laugh it away I’m already focused on something else, call it what you want but it does help to focus on better things as our life’s are already complicated as it is.

My piece here below showcase the mindset we fall in once we get stop at making choices in life.


Late Nights

“Late nights always complicates… We sit and wonder, we drive by under, living but losing at the same time, catching the stars while they fall, still to claim we aimed for them after all they fell from the sky…loose laces only to tie up the nooses we find hanging on the outside of all our minds waiting on our hearts to be filled, while the hollow parts howl out into the moonlight sky…”


Pin Downed Reality


I worked on this piece today, mixing reality with fiction by combining illustration with photoshop I rocked up a design.

Its based on the reality where we are mapping out our lives on a map of feelings and chasing our dreams no matter what. You will see I talk a lot of dreams and fighting for them as those are the things sometimes keeping us going while the life around us is rotting away.

I struggle a lot with the concept of how one become a famous artist, does one have to hang out a galleries and with other artist to get that fame or just stick on your own and do as you please, as I see everything nowadays is run as a business not really much else.

I always laugh, if you have ever met me in person you will see I dont ever talk about art or any of that most people dont even know I design as I feel its a personal passion of mine, I rather prefer going out and hanging out with friends and having a laugh then going on about work and all that.

Life is way to short to waste on false dreams.


Strip my Mind

Its 10 am and I’m waking up to Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background softly (please don’t strip my mind…)

Its weird in a sense to think how many times we feel like our minds are turning against us, questioning our future and all our choices we made, we never truly sure if what we do will make a difference in our life’s or just make it worst. I believe we all want something in life to come home to, if its not a family maybe a dog each is his own.

I just want to come home to sounds of music and the one girl I love but even that is so unreal at the moment as life is always stepping in and throwing down extra problems to make it all worst.

I don’t believe life is out there to get us, but I do believe it would be easier if we didnt have to worry all the time.