Destination Tasty

Destination Tasty // Pushing the boundaries of what people call reality into clarity, to succeed will never be easy, don’t follow the norms follow your heart. Appreciate every thought and every mind and remember true beauty is not just in the looks but also in the heart. I will never run away I will standContinue reading “Destination Tasty”

The Heart of a Lion

I think the lion that used to be asleep in my heart is starting to wake, the anger that goes through my mind nowadays are making me real tired. I just feel like falling asleep and not waking up anymore seeing that it felt like a part of my soul was broken by you…BUT maybeContinue reading “The Heart of a Lion”

Lost at Sea

Dont got much to say today, or actually got a lot to say but don’t got the words. Set sail to the sea so we may find our way home once again, we are tired we are free, we get lost at sea. We wonder when we will die and yet we wonder when willContinue reading “Lost at Sea”

OppiKoppi Nagte

My vinger tippe is seer van al die stof en geraas van die laat aande se gedans in die stof paaie van mordor, ek gevoel gebreek en oor spoel met gesigte van die nuwelinge wat ek daar ontmoet het. Ek is nie seker of lewe altyd sin maak nie en nog minder of die bierContinue reading “OppiKoppi Nagte”