Crack Me Up

Bringing joy to the world through art, art has always been a platform of expression the world doesn’t necessary needs to understand it but should be able to enjoy it.



In Depth-Reality

Listening to the sun as it shines by on my skin while the wind crawls up my skin to say hi….

Life has a lot more to offer than what we might think it does, Im not one to always be positive as life has taught me a lot of lessons and learned the hard way of taking things and people for granted. But what I have learned from it all is that being depressed about it all the time wont fix anything. Sometimes you just gotta put on that smile and make life sunny again. 😉


Monthly T-Shirts

I’m considering running a monthly pre-orders on designs made on shirts, limiting it to 25 shirts per month in a custom size picked by you.

The idea will be to run pre-orders for one month and then at end of month to send out all orders and if there isn’t enough pre-orders to refund you guys on that order. I will be R250 but this include delivery as well anywhere in South Africa. Im keeping it in South Africa for now to see how it goes, if your overseas and looking to get your hands on it as well I can always make a plan the amount will just be more due to shipping and all.

What do you think will you guys be interested in something like that, especially with it being a limited edition shirt per month in your size.

*Note – The designs on here is just for showcasing, there not set. Just using them as samples for the idea.


Cabin in the Skies

I’m laying underneath the blue dark skies, the lights are shining down upon our eyes, is it just me or is that the more I stare into your eyes the less the stars become clear and your eyes consume my fears.

I felts a sense of comfort I felt a sense of lost time, I felt at home in your arms.


So Odly Sick

Setting a twist in how we see and spell things, I was awake last night yet not being able to sleep of so much things going on in my mind, while listening to the Dune Rats I realized how we shouldn’t care what the world think of us and we should be able to take risks, no matter the out come if it fails try again if it fails by the tenth time then you should go drinking, but I’m just kidding but remember follow your passion regardless of what people think and follow your heart.

Thinking of brinGing out this new series called “So Odly Sick” I know Odly should be Oddly but I’m playing around with changing the way people see things, and if you dig it please let me know. 🙂


Taste Me

Sometimes I laugh at how empty and alone the world can be sometimes, a lot of people believe for one to find true love in life one must first love one self.

I never truly understand that, as if that is the case then why do we need partners then in life? So many people say before you can get someone to love you, you must love yourself. I think of it as a huge lie, I believe loving one another is the biggest love of all, sometimes you as an individual don’t know what love is and then you meet that someone special that brings out all that good and greatness out of you, and in that way you learn to not just love them but to love yourself, I’m not a man of emotion I wasn’t taught to show emotion and all that as that is how most of my generation was raised, but I’m a passionate person if I love you I will fight for you even if you keep kicking me to the curb, but there will come a day where I will let you go for I have given it my all.

You can only do that much until one is drained but just remember that your life should always be filled with life and not with depression or feeling unwanted. Know your worth as I can tell you this we all are fucking special.


I Surrender

a Huge TBT for me when this song of A Day To Remember was released in 2014, I was so hooked on it that I even made a design of it back then in the hopes of getting the artist to just even like it, it never happened  lol but it doesn’t stop you from trying.

We all feel like that sometimes just wanting to Surrender and give up on life, each person interprets this track different for me back in the day it was to forget of the people who where close to me a a time and all of sudden just faded away and so my mission started to go to places on my own meet new people, and it was thing ever.

Never limit yourself as that would be your biggest mistake, were only young once and as we get older and the days get colder we need to strive to get the best out of life as much as possible.

So go out there and if your not happy where you are now, just leave it and start over.


I Surrender