The Escape

I believe music has always been escape since childhood, when you were having a great day or a bad day music would always make your day better. Music has a way that touches the soul.




Fierce in the face of danger ❤

It comes back to the story where we as Koi fish go through life and struggles we each swimming our way up stream, some may fail on the way while others keep pushing to the top and once you reach it life will reward you as it rewarded the koi fish by turning it into a fierce dragon to roam the skies for eternity with jewels.


Flowers in the Dark

When we are alone and bored the mind tends to travel a world apart from where we are in the moment and now, people are confused and people are lost without the proper guidance, never lose sight and never give up as there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and if it happens there isnt then you go and bust a hole in that tunnel and make that light come in.Flowers-In-The-Night-Canvas

In Depth-Reality

Listening to the sun as it shines by on my skin while the wind crawls up my skin to say hi….

Life has a lot more to offer than what we might think it does, Im not one to always be positive as life has taught me a lot of lessons and learned the hard way of taking things and people for granted. But what I have learned from it all is that being depressed about it all the time wont fix anything. Sometimes you just gotta put on that smile and make life sunny again. 😉


VANS x Custom

Looking back to this custom ideas I had for Vans, combining flowers into patterns to make the brand stand out, its always good to have concept ideas of brands even if you don’t design for them shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t try at least.

I must say my favorite one was making the decks, I have love creating art on skateboards and hope one day to see my art on a lot of brands.

But yea don’t get me wrong if you got connections to vans and you can show them this I would much appreciate it. 🙂

What do you guys think of it? Would you wear it?


Strip my Mind

Its 10 am and I’m waking up to Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background softly (please don’t strip my mind…)

Its weird in a sense to think how many times we feel like our minds are turning against us, questioning our future and all our choices we made, we never truly sure if what we do will make a difference in our life’s or just make it worst. I believe we all want something in life to come home to, if its not a family maybe a dog each is his own.

I just want to come home to sounds of music and the one girl I love but even that is so unreal at the moment as life is always stepping in and throwing down extra problems to make it all worst.

I don’t believe life is out there to get us, but I do believe it would be easier if we didnt have to worry all the time.