Crack Me Up

Bringing joy to the world through art, art has always been a platform of expression the world doesn’t necessary needs to understand it but should be able to enjoy it.



The Moon is Full

“There’s creatures in the skies there’s beauty in the minds, there’s hatred in there smiles, there’s loneliness in there cries.”


The Bridge


The bridge between reality and imagination has no line and has no limit. A lot of us say we cant do this and we cant do that, but have you ever tried? There will be a lot of time where you will get angry at life and maybe even your faith as I have gone through that a lot of times and still do, its what makes us human.

We fall and we fail but so we stand and so we succeed as well again, I don’t write to impress nor to gather the masses I write for what I feel and what I can not express in words. My life I always consider rather laughing then worrying, worrying is for when I’m alone in my bed at nights.

Along this road of dreams and memories you will succumb to tears and laughter but be sure to enjoy every moment of it.

Peace out.


Recognition….a word as an artist we seek out a lot. No matter if your in the fine,digital,music,visual arts in the end your an artist.

How many times have you gotten to a point where you will look at your work and cant believe that it doesn’t get the exposure or respect it deserves? I have seen it a lot lately where people will see if its a piece of your work even if its truly magnificent they will decided not to acknowledge it just because its you doing it.

Its funny though as people can be so shit, the struggle for an artist today is already so hard yet your having these small minded people out here who wont even give you that little bit of appreciation. I don’t know if its because people are jealous or just the share point that there a bunch of ignorant cunts.

I believe everyone should be given there shine we all deserve it and we all have dreams so never give in and never give up, you can do it. 🙂


Personality Disorder

I think sometimes creativity takes up so much of our energy and time when it comes to facing the reality of life, sometimes we just wanna escape the reality and form our imaginations within our own reality.

The mind is a funny thing though as each person takes in reality different then the next person, I usually have a tendency to laugh about it all and it usually sets off a lot of people around me especially the ones close to me as I don’t take in any negativity as I laugh it away I’m already focused on something else, call it what you want but it does help to focus on better things as our life’s are already complicated as it is.

My piece here below showcase the mindset we fall in once we get stop at making choices in life.